Opinion about HP39G+


Has anyone used the HP39G+? What is your opnion? Is it worth buying?




Depends. There are a good number of things it does well, but they tend to be more "structured" than the 48gII or 49g+, given its reliance upon aplets.

Give a look at the learning modules for the 39g+ on the HP site and also take a look at the aplets you can find at www.hphomeview.com, a site run by Colin Croft.



Do you have an Hp39G? (I have an Hp39G and Hp40G and not the Hp39G+, so take my comments accordingly).

It is the same hardware upgrade the Hp49G+ is to the Hp49G (upgrade is debatable, as while the 49G had rubber keys, they worked). You get a much faster calculator than the 39G with a much better feeling keyboard (whether it suffers from keyboard problems like the Hp49G+ did, I don't know). It has a USB port and is aimed at the HS market to compete with the Ti-83. That said, it has a much deeper set of math functions (aside from statistics functions, which the 83 is an excellent calculator), but is also limited in features so as to not be banned in schools (27 variables only, no units conversions, etc.)

It is an algebraic only calculator, and would be a big step back for an experienced Hp48/49G series user. That said, it is fairly easy to use and has an eq viewer (not an eq writer, which is present in the Hp40G series with the CAS command, a mistake to leave out in my opinion, but again, Hp wanted to compete with the Ti-83 series).

It is a very appealing calculator from a cosmetic point of view (I think it is the nicest looking Hp I have ever seen, but it also proves you cannot judge a book by its cover).

Just my 2 cents.


Ron said:

" That said, it is fairly easy to use and has an eq viewer (not an eq writer, which is present in the Hp40G series with the CAS command, a mistake to leave out in my opinion, but again, Hp wanted to compete with the Ti-83 series)."

Gene: This would probably have resulted in the 39g+ being banned all over the US. CAS calculators are not allowed in many states' high schools.


Only as much as the Ti-89 and Hp49G are banned. SAT and most schools allow whatever the student brings in.

The ACT already bans the Hp38/39G for the limited amount of symbolic manipulation they now (always did) provide.

And it would have been nice to have an eq writer like the 48G with limited or no CAS, but that may have been to involved to seperate from the CAS already buried in the ROM, so they just removed any access to it.


I think it is the best calculator availble for a high school student. I have had a 39g. 40g. and 39g+.

It doesn't suffer from keyboard issues. Is very fast and easy to use.

I think the EQW should have been left in the 39g+, but the decision to remove the CAS was a good one in my opinion.

Its statistics capabilities are very good and easy to use.

Conculsion: worth it for a collector-probably not. For a high school student-most definitely. They can be had for 65$ if you look around enough.



I hate to post my email but it is rossrIHate@SpaMjaed.com to answer my one question. Does your Hp39G+ run all Hp39G aplets that you have tried?

I am curious as I do not have an Hp39G+ (and have held off buying for that reason).


Tim will know better than me, but the ones I have tried work.

Also, be sure to check out the great PDF book "Mastering the HP39g+" by Colin Croft. It's on the www.hphomeview.com site.


Hi, all;

I am going to try an HP39G emulator running in an HP49G, as I saw here. I guess this is a good way to try it out, provided you have an HP49G available, so you can update the OS. I'm going to try it out soon. Has anyone already tried it?

BTW, is the subject title corret for this thread? It seems that a 'subject title' drift occurred somehow...


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 8 June 2005, 5:46 p.m.


all the ones I have tried. (minus the usual greyscale issues)



Anybody here who dived deeper in the OS of the HP39G+ and may confirm that the code of the CAS is _not_ hidden somewhere?



It's not there. For a fact.


Yes - that's what HP tells. And the evidence?


Addendum: did you see that?

Edited: 9 June 2005, 10:25 a.m.


Well, a direct statement by JYA is pretty good evidence.




And then there is the size of the ROM. On the 39g+ it is about 200K smaller than the 39g rom. That is the about size of the CAS functions.



An other hint would be the last CAS of Bernard Parisse. IIRC, he stated somewhere that he stopt his activities for it, but I was not able to find that statement again.


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