Hinged HP calculators.


It's been too long (about a year or so) since I've paid a visit to this forum...

Anyways, I've was wondering if my HP 28s, which is my favourite 'big' calculator by far, could be repaired if the hinge ever broke? I know that Hewlett Packard don't support their old calculators or offer much in the way of repair services. I do take good care of it but accidents do happen and other people who aren't acquainted with the fact that they are not very easy to find could inadvertantly be carless etc. This question was prompted by the fact that a friend accidentally elbowed it off the edge of a desk yesterday while it was folded up. Fortunately the 28s emerged unscathed, probably aided by the carpet on the floor, and the unit seems to be more sturdy and robust when in its folded position.

-Robert King


Except for the bulky hinged-case format, the -28S is my favorite. If its functionality could be squeeezed into a 42S-style (Pioneer) case, I think THAT would be the ultimate calculator.

I bought a couple through eBay for ~$40 each a few years back and they are what my kids are using. I suggest you do the same -- get a backup unit or two. The 28S and 48G's seem to have relatively lower prices still, and so offer a lot of value.


Yep. The 28 is very functional. I just got one myself a few months ago and feel comfortable with it.

My machine felled from a desk into a steel floor about a month ago and emerged unscathed. Anyway, I was considering buying a backup too. Might be a good idea.


The Hewlett Packard calculators on the whole seem to be fairly rugged; The 32Sii has had several short and fast trips to the floor from desks in various places too.

I suppose that advice of having a spare working unit as a backup would apply to any HP calculator these days, given that HP don't seem terribly interested in the calculator field any more.

-Robert King


I've been suspecting that lately. Newer models are not only algebraic, but also cheap-looking. As if HP would be trying to get rid of its reputation as an instrument maker.

Getting a backup unit applies to accessories and peripherals as well, I think. And it's better to hurry up.

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