HP 32sII


Where can I find information about the HP 32SII on the HP Museum website? I have looked everywhere, but it looks like that this calculator is a stepchild :)


Hi, Onno;

the HP32SII is a recent model that has been discontinued in 2002, so it has no page here so far. In fact, it is the updated version of the HP32S, as you can read in the excerpt from the HP Museum page about the other models:

HP32SII - Like the HP-32S except for additional support for algebraic math and fractions. Fractions are entered by pressing the decimal key a second time. For example, to enter one and a quarter, the user would press "1.1.4". This model also added a second shift key, simplifying menus at the expense of a more cluttered keypad design. Introduced in 1991 and sold through 2002.
This `Others` page can be found here[/quote]. About the HP32S, the HP32SII predecessor, you can find some information [link:http://www.hpmuseum.org/hp32s.htm]here, and a comprenensive Characteristics chart can also be seen here.

You can find the HP32SII user's manual in the MoHPC CD/DVD Set.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


My primary source still is HP themselves:


You can even download a user manual from www.hp.com

just search for '32sii'


18 programs in the software section:


no stepchild at all in my opinion ;-)


Don't overlook Craig Finseth's amazing database:

(Where would we be without people like Hicks, Finseth, Toth, Wright.....amazing resources!)




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