? on early HP calc hardcases


today, against my will, went w/ the little woman to do some "yard salin'"; used to do it a lot and scored heavily, but now
this area is polluted w/ many doing the same, and it's difficult to find anything good. BUT, hit one house, saw an old clean Canon Palmtronic for $1.00, picked it up and moved into the garage where the books were stored; picked out a couple, glancing fast - started to turn away when i saw the familiar ring binding of a possible HP calc manual, grabbed it,
and sure enuff it was an HP45 Applications book. Still not thinking clearly, purchased it, and started to turn away, when i asked the gentleman who was running the estate sale if there was a calculator to match - he said if it was, it was out on the table where i picked up the Canon. Back outside for me, i'm searching for the calc, or the familiar black soft case, but don't see any - almost turned away when i saw the black hardcase and the HP emblem caught my eye, otherwise it was just another electric razor case (LOL!) to me. here's what i found:




my question is: how rare are the hardcases? i'm fairly certain this was an actual HP calculator accessory as the
unit and items fit fairly nicely, and the cutouts are correct for the accessories; by the way it was an HP45 w/ charger,
owner's manual and quick reference inside.

i quickly went thru info on this website but haven't seen any reference to hardcases as yet (or i missed it); any info appreciated!
carson city, nv


this is the serial number for the above calculator.


Hi Barry,

My HP-45 (1349A 03214) came packaged in a presentation(?) case about the size of a small loaf of bread with everything fitting in the case. The case was a black hard shell with the hp logo on the upper lid. I am still looking through my collection, packed in boxes in my apartment. As soon as I find the case I will take a photo of the case.



Ooohhh, nice!

Yes, the case is genuine. When I bought my 45 (in the UK, in March or April 1975) it didn't come with one of those, so they were either restricted to the North American market or perhaps only to early models.

I bought a 65 a little later, and it came with a completely different, much larger, moulded kakhi-coloured case.

Looks like you got a nice bargain there!


--- Les



I bought this case over the weekend ($2 USD). This is the first khaki-colored case I've seen. You say it's for the HP65?


I also have a molded plastic case that is blue (HP45/80?). IIRC, the blue case has a completely flat/smooth lid, whereas this khaki case has a raised section at the back part of the lid.

A few years ago, I bought a complete HP45 in the black presentation case for $5 USD.



I really like these cases too - but they are not a rarity per se; though rarer than those plastic cases.
Not too sure about this, but I think the early 45s and 80s were shipped with this "deluxe case", a "Travel Safety Case" is listed as optional accessory for my 45 in the same serial number range - that's probably the plastic shell.


That was the standard case that the HP-80 was shipped with. You could buy it separately ($40 or so) for your HP45, etc. Later HP-80's (with the painted silver trim) did not come with the hard case.


Hi, Barry;

is the HP45 working fine?

That's a nice package you have there. I'd keep it!

Luiz (Brazil)

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