HP 48g in my Palm V


I am looking for a software to install in my Palm Pilot V that allows me to use the HP 48g Calculator.
I´ve found the soft to add the HP 12c calculator, but I can´t find the one for the 48g.
I would be very appreciate if somebody could help me.



As far as I know there is no such software available. I use RPN 2.56, a shareware product, that is a pretty good RPN calc. It is programmable and there are several nice "scripts" that can be downloaded from its web site. It emmulates more of a 32sii than a 48 however. No graphics.


Where did you download RPN 2.56? I have a Palm IIIxe that I'd like to install it on.



There is another Palm V calculator shareware called NeoCal
(www.hudren.com) It allows RPN input, with several modes, RPN stack access, etc. Does not have "graphing" capabilities. Good luck.

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