HP33S in Walmart Stores


I don't know if this is common, but I was in a Walmart a couple of days ago and saw a half dozen blister-packed 33s's in the calculator section hanging on a display. This is not a high-tech area and it is in a relatively small town. I assumed that we would be among the last to receive this type of merchandise.

I was surprised, but my quick thinking family picked one up for me for Father's day, so I'll try it out soon.

I had considered ordering one over the net, but really wanted to see one in person before deciding.

Just thought people might want to know.



Don't want to spoil the glow of your Father's Day present, but do you remember what WalMart is charging for the calculator?


San Diego WalMart has restocked 33s' too.




Yes, it was something like $49.95

I looked around and most that were lower on the 'net also required additional cost for shipping.

...and I couldn't see it ahead of purchase.

...and I would have had to wait.

...and if there is something wrong with it, Wally-world will take it back or exchange it.


Sighting confirmed. The 33S is also at my local Wal-Mart, in a relatively low-tech and isolated corner of California, for $49.97. They also had a HP-10BII.

This significantly expands the retail presence of the 33S in my part of the world. Until now, the only other local store that stocked the 33S was a university bookstore in a neighboring county. I doubt that the 33S was carried at any other outlet within a 100-mile radius.

The university bookstore still appears to have the local monopoly on the 49G+ and 48GII.


Yeah, mine also had the HP10BII, but these are pretty common in the Staples/OfficeMax/etc stores around here.

I guess I was so surprised that I forgot to mention it.


Ditto all for my local Wal-Mart (Olympia, WA).

One thing I didn't check -- do they still have the microscopic decimal point? I'll look the next time I'm in the store.


My 33s (s/n 417) has a microscopic decimal point and comma however a colleague's 33s (s/n 428)has a full sized decimal point and comma. I'm interested to know what others are seeing.




The Wal-Mart here in Texarkana AR and Texarkana TX have the HP33s as well. I got one just to play with S/N 430 and it has the same 1 pixel decimal as all the others.


... the newer HP33S has a full-character radix mark & thousands separator, like the HP42S or, as a simple comparison, the HP67/97 and the Classics? Wow! if so, that's good news, indeed!

And this also validates the extra full-character dot and comma I draw in my HP33S TTF file!

Thanks for the good news.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 June 2005, 12:09 a.m.



In the UK the calculator is advertised online at £54.95 (approx $100)- and the picture of it had no sign of a decimal point!




Hi John,

So your collegues' 33S has a real deciminal point and thousands separator (comma)? I'm curious if his calculator still produces the previously discovered bugs? Can you let us know?






The r -> p, hr -> hms, and nCr bugs are still present in my colleagues 33s (s/n 428).

I stopped by WalMart this morning and found 33s's with s/n 432 and 442 which were indicated on the outside of the blister pack all of which had enlarged decimal points and commas. HP seems to have listened to user's feedback on this one issue. However, we still don't know if and when HP plans to fix the bugs.

I find myself using my 33s more and more.




I also purchased a 33s at Walmart recently. It is a s/n 432 and appears to have a larger decimal point and comma than my s/n 404.


I have sn # CNA41700250, purchased at Amazon numerous months ago, small decimal point.


Just looked again.

In a side-by-side comparison, each of the three examples on display (s/n's CNA 432nnnnn & 435nnnnn) had a slightly larger decimal point than an earlier model (s/n CN404nnnnn).

The d.p. isn't as large as I would like, but is at least significantly more legible -- about as large as one of the pixels in the numeric grids.

I don't have time to test the bugs, but will later.



After using my new HP33S for a few days, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. The keypad works well, the readout is clear and it the layout does not even affect me at all.

It took a few minutes to get used to the location of the enter key, but not long. I swap back and forth between calcs all the time anyway.

The size of my decimal point appears to be the larger of the two. The comma is definately bigger. Either way, I keep track of where it is in my head and if I really want to confirm it's location, it is not too bad. Not perfect, but it costs less than the HP42S that I paid $95 for 12 years ago.

There are three things I would change:
- Make the decimal point even larger. It would make it more appealing.
- It could feel "heftier". It is really light.
- ...and, I now have this annoying Algebraic entry habit from using the TI-36's ! (actually, when using any calculator other than my 48GX)


The Wal-Mart in Kirkwood, MO had a few last week when I was there, and they were all sold out when I went to point them out to my wife as a potential father's day gift today. Hopefully that will be a good sign to the management there!


The management at Wally World is oblivious to what sells.


The managment at the stores have no clue (about what sells), but the second you buy something at Wal-Mart, the main computers in Bentonville know about it.

I hope they sell reasonably well, it would be nice to have new RPN Calculators available when I take the PE exam a couple of years from now. Either that or relaxed standards for the exam so I can use my 32sii. But that's another thread.

If they don't sell well, on the bright side, maybe I can get a 33s on clearance next year like I did several years ago when I purchased my 20s at Wal-Mart for $9.99.


Yeah, I saw a bunch in a New York area Wal-Mart...

... but no more rebate, though. But it may be worth it still, as I hear that the decimal point got a little bigger.

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