Repair HP-01 Watch


I have a HP-01 Calculator watch. The batteries weren't removed from it when I got it and there is some corrosion inside and it will not work at the present time. Is there anyone out there who knows where I can get it repaired? Thanks, Joe


The HP01 is a _very_ difficult machine to repair. The electronics is one hybrid module consisting of 2 ceramic 'circuit boards' with the bare silicon chips mounted on one of them and bonded out (connected) with gold wires. These 2 boards are then glued together to protect the ICs and wires. A display module is soldered to one edge of this assembly. The front ceramic circuit board has the keyboard contacts on it, the 2 boards are electically connected by a zebra-strip type connector pushed between them (outside the sealed area containing the chips).

Basically, if cleaning contacts doesn't fix it, there's not a lot that can be done. You can't normally use parts of 2 machines to make one good one (unlike HP handhelds, where it's common to take chips from several machines, solder them to the circuit board to make a working one). You would need to find a complete working HP01 module.


I'd like to buy a non-working HP-01 watch (or just the electronics module) to use for optical extraction of the ROM contents, similar to what Peter Monta did to extract the HP-35 ROM contents.

For a non-working module, it might be possible that I can get the photomicrographs I need, then put the module back together. But I'm not certain since I've never tried to take one apart.

The objective is, of course, to add HP-01 simulation to Nonpareil.

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