Defective 12C?


I changed the battery of my new 12C after only two months of moderate use soon after the flashing star started showing. Now, one month later, the flashing star occasionally shows briefly. It is the new version that runs on only one CR2032 cell. I just hope they sold me a defective battery. Furthermore, its body seems slightly bent, as one foot is always half a milimeter higher than the other three when I lay it on a flat surface. Operating it on a desktop is as noisy as operating a Morse code switch :-) (Not too bad as it is still under warranty)


Edited: 1 June 2005, 8:12 p.m.


Its called crap Chinesse quality, you should return it and buy one of the better older models on Ebay.


I'd like to do that, but here we may return an item only after a week after the date of purchase. As it is under warranty, I might have it repaired or exchanged for a new one, but that may take a while. Just waiting for the problem to be confirmed...

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