HP-71B JPC Rom large version


I was reading the Areuh documentation (Areuh was a Saturn assembler running on Unix and PC machines written by Pierre David and Janick Taillandier in 1986-87), and I found the following sentence:

"It was developped for the HP-71 in order for us to produce
more easily the JPC Rom (PPC Paris Rom) for the HP-71. The
final Rom module was 45 KB (executable) for a total of 1.5
MB source files."

Indeed, I remember that the last version of the JPCROM was larger than 32kb and required a 64k EPROM module, but I never got this version.

Does somebody have this large version? It is easy to identify, the JPC Lex should be larger than 32k. If yes, please contact me: jeffcalc at wanadoo dot fr.



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