Is it broken?


I have recently been given a HP48GX calculator by my brother-in-law. It was working last night when I put it away. When I went to turn it on this morning nothing happened (no screen display). I replaced the batteries with new ones, and I tried the On+C and On+A+F key combinations without sucess. Also tried the On and + keys to increase contrast, but nothing happened. I cannot hear any key responses executing a keyboard test. Then I removed the rubber foot and executed a hard reset with the paperclip, but still I get no response. I tested the voltage with a multimeter, and I get 4.48 V output, but I only get a blank screen on the display. Is this thing broken, or does anyone know other methods of recovery. As far as I know, it has not been dropped or abused during the night.

Thanks for any ideas.

Brent F.


You should attempt to change it after the warranty expires.
I think it is about one year from the date of the purchase.
Sorry can't help you more.


Hi there,

please try to shorten the battery-contacts for about 10 sec.
without batteries in the calculator.

Happy new year


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