HP-48SX Programmable Keys


When I attempt to execute a command from a custom programmed key, I receive the command assigned to the
key, but it does not execute.

What is the problem and how do I fix it?



Hello, Hai;

when you mention that you 'receive the command assigned to the key' you mean the name of the command is placed in the stack? Does it happen to any assignment, to internal commands, to functions and to your own programs or to a particlar object class? If you assign the name of an object, this object is evaluated when you press the custom key assigned to it. Bill Wickes mentions the difference between evaluation and execution of an object in his book, 'HP48 Insights'. Maybe the calculator behavior is correct. Also, is there any flag you should check? (I don't remember the HP48 system flags by heart, only the HP41/42S and previous models)

If I get to a possible answer and no one else posts and solve the problem, I'll post again.

Sorry not helping too much... q8^(

Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for the fast response.
It happens when I assign a command to a key and then attempt to execute the command by pressing. For example, if I assign "beep" to a key, when I attempt to execute the command, the screen shows "beep" butg there is no sound.

I think the caculator is working properly(passes al the internal tests). I will check the flags.

Outro vez, muinto obrigago y abrocos fortes.



Hello, Hai; me again;

thanks for the kind words.

Let me ask you another thing: do you let the function name in the custom list with the string delimiters " ? If so, you are actually assigning the string "BEEP" to the key. Instead of:

{ "BEEP" }
you should use
{ BEEP }
without the quotes. Would you check for these, please?


Luiz (Brazil)



Sem Sucseso!

I have been entering the commands without the quotes. No luck.

Que mais agora?


Hello, Hai;

I'm sad you did not succeed... Too bad!

Let's take some steps, now. First, would you let us know exactly what did you store in CST variable? I mean, the exact contents of the list.

Now, if you follow me, please... I know it 'sounds' silly, but if you do what I ask you to, you should have the BEEP command assigned to the leftmost softkey. I have my HP48SX in hands right now and I'd like you to do this, please:

1 - create the list

{ BEEP }
and send it to stack level 1 with [ENTER] key. Keep the upper-case letters!

2 - place the following in the command line:

and send it to the stack (press [ENTER]). You should see:
|4: |
|3: |
|2: { BEEP }|
|1: 'CST'|
3 - Now press [STO] and then press [CST].

Now you must see the small [BEEP] in the first softkey, right? Enter the following data:

When executing BEEP, the object in stack level 2 will be taken as frequency (440Hz) and the object in stack level 1 will be taken as duration (1 second). Press the softkey, now. If after all of this you still have a string "BEEP" in stack level 1, then there is something very weird going on here... I mean, there, with your HP48SX. There is no way to have such a 'BEEP' in stack level 1 because BEEP is the name of an internal command, and it can not be taken as a name, I mean, there is no way to store an object with the name BEEP. Hence, the only two ways to have BEEP in the stack are as a string or as an unquoted command, and the only way I know hwo to do this is by putting the list { BEEP } in stack level 1 and executing [LIST->]. If BEEP is assigned to a softkey with CST, it will always try to generate a sound.

Or else I need to read Bill Wickes' HP48 Insights again... Well. this is not bad at all, it's always a good reading.

Let us know what happens, Hai.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 2 June 2005, 4:48 a.m.


Left Shift (is it orange on the 48S or blue?), User (Alpha Key), key


User is left shift(orange) alpha key. Do it twice and the user mode is locked in. A third time cancels the user mode.

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