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I currently own a 17BII and wish to upgrade to a 17BII+, mainly to take advantage of the increased user memory. My solver functions use L() & G() extensively, and it is imperative that these work correctly on the new 17BII+.

I know that L() & G() didn't work properly on the 1st generation 17BII+. I believe they were fixed in the new version. Is there a short-cut (eg. by looking at the serial no.) to see if they will work correctly, short of entering the entire equation at the store? I want these functions to work EXACTLY as they work on the 17BII.



Serial Number: CNA4180xxxx

The Good:

Entering Solver, scrolling through solver equations, and “compiling” solver equations are orders of magnitude faster than the 17BII and first generation 17BII+.

The Bad:

Quirks like having to initialize intermediate variables, BUT, thanks to Wah Wong, L() and G() ARE functional.

The Ugly:

Unpredictable behavior in the Solver. Long equations can result in 0 being returned, or just the absolute value of negative functions.

With apologies to Sergio ;-)



I have a HP17BII+ and I think one way you can tell is if the user manual is edition 1 or 2. Edition 1 does not include L() and G(). However these functions still work PROVIDING the variables used in L() and G() are registered first. For example L(X:.....) and L(A:.....) then you need to enter the dummy equation for example Y=X+A and press Calc, there is no need to do anything else. This problem is well documented within this forum.


Chris Dean

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