A one week break...49g+GCC anyone?


Hi all,

Well, I've been given a heck of a summer internship, and I've got a whole week of freedom before I go...so I'm curious..anyone making use of the gcc C compiler for the 49g+?

I've downloaded it, and planned to dive into compiling some C codes to bring with me on my 49g+.

UserRPL is taking a bit of time to grasp. I've got simple things running, but would love to bring some tested C apps from my pc. I usually create simple programs that run in shell windows, so hopefully that simplicity will fare well in the translation process. Any insights?



I am dabbling a bit in hpgcc and it looks quite exciting. I believe that most of the good programs for the 49g+ will soon come from there. However, you are dependent on a PC to write your programs. I would recommend you use your time to get more comfortable with USER RPL which you can use anytime (that is when you need it).

Good luck



I used it recently for a mini-challenge here. Command line programs are pretty easy to port from the PC. Its much nicer to write structured programs in than even user-RPL in my opinion.



Try a search at http://groups-beta.google.com/group/comp.sys.hp48.

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