Never seen this case for 42S


An auction for a mint HP42S shows this case.


E aí, Pio; tudo certo? (something like: what's up?)

This looks like the original Spice-series softcase (HP31E, HP32E, etc.). I have one (and one only) where I keep my HP34C. It also have one non-conventional black softcase that came with an HP41. It is a bit bigger that the one that comes with the Spices and the case material is a little thinner.

Can you post the full addres of the auction? It is in Mercado Livre Brasil, right? Just curious...

Best regards, mano!

Luiz (Brazil)


Fala Luiz!! belê?

Check this link out. The guy is asking 185 paus mas it looks que it is bem nice. olha there:

Sorry the portuglish,

From the amazon oven...



Hi Luiz,

yes, the case accompanying that 42S is for the Series 30.

I assume your non-conventional HP-41 case originally was for

the HP-55 to HP-80. This case fits nice;-)

Best Regards



Hi, Raymond;

I have an HP55 with the original softcase, and this one I mentioned that came with an HP41 is somehow different. It is black, with a smooth, not rugged surface, and concernning size it fits between the original Series 30 softcase and the Classics'. I know you can force a little bit an HP41 inside a Series 30 sofcase, but in this case the HP41 fits perfectly fine. I'll examine it closer and, if applicable, I'll take some pictures that show this difference. It's really intriging... I did not mention this fact so far because I thought this softcase was somehow ordinary, but now I see it may not be.

Best regards.


Edited: 29 May 2005, 10:24 a.m.


Hello Luis,

My HP37E case looks exactly the same as the one in the picture.

BTW speaking of classic series softcases, the one that came with my HP45 feels somewhat dry and hardened. It is not damaged, just dried out. Does anyone know if there is anything that can be applied to the case (leather?) to restore it's original softness? Maybe some kind of leather treatment?



PS. Luis I sent you an email some weeks ago about what we were discussing on tube amps and vintage audio equipment. Did you get it? It did not bounce back, so I assume I've sent it to the right address.


Hello, Alex;

this is to tell you that I remember receiving an e-mail about a tube preamp (center control) and answering back, but after a while my e-box had a few troubles (excessive SPAM 'attack') and I remember I was not able to open it. I asked the administrator to remove the excessive amount of 'e-traffic'. Later he told me some messages where not sent as well. I remember having a copy of both, received and sent messages, so I'll send mine again. This is something I like very much talking about and studying. Not only because vaccum tubes are back again, also because I like them very much in terms of operation: 'burning' FET's!!!

Thanks for your kindnes, Alex. Would you, plese, for the sake of 'sureness', drop me an e-mail so I can get your e-address again? Just in case...

my e-mail address: lcvieira at quantica dot com dot br

Thanks again.

Luiz (Brazil)

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