AC Adapters and Battery Packs


I'm new to this forum, so my apologies for what follows as I expect these requests have been asked many times in the past. I need the following:

1. An AC Adapter and a rechargeable battery
pack for an HP25.

2. A rechargeable battery pack for an HP33C.

3. A rechargeable battery pack for an HP41CV.

4. A rechargeable battery pack for an HP82143A
Peripheral Printer.

If you have any of these items, know where they can be
obtained, or know where battery packs can be recelled, please post a reply.



Try the classified ad section in this forum. Post WTB (Want To Buy) ads.

DO NOT list your email AS IS, otherwise you wil get heavily spamed by con people in Nigeria and other parts of the planet. Include obvious junk text in your email address. For example if your email is, the list your email as something like where the NOSPAM text is an obvious addition to throw spammers off.



To build your own packs:

Some packs show up on ebay.

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