HP 49G+ repairs


Does any have suggestions on how to fix loose keys on the HP49G+? The 1 and the decimal point keys started to be loose.

I guess 49G+s are either: not good for being carried in backpacks or the leather case does not provide much protection for it.


The Leather case is NOT a shield. And actually the 49G+ (or 49G) can take more book bag abuse than a 48G series due to the LCD lens they come with. That said, this does nothing to help you with your broken 49G+.

If it is out of warrenty (or broken by abuse, which negates the warrenty) and you cannot convince the Hp rep otherwise, Hp will still repair (actually replace) your unit for a set repair fee (which is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of new). Call Hp support (their number is on their website somewhere) and get an RMA# for your cals, send in with payment and voila (depending upon your mailing option) you will recieve another Hp49G+. If you go this route, you will probably recieve or extend your warrenty accordingly.


Thankfully my calculator is still under warranty and HP will send me a replacement.

Good thing there is always the HP48G to rely upon. And I take back my keyboard comments on the 49G+, they just do not compare to the 48G. So for the 49G+, love the software, not crazy about the hardware.

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