I'm searching the following documentations:

HP75 NOMAS Vol I & II as shown in Computer Journal V3N2 p.1

Did someone have a scanned cone ?

Thanks in advance.




I'm not quite sure,
but wasn't there a thread here in the hpmuseum,

where Tony Duell wrote that he actually has the HP-75 IDS,

but does not have scans of them?



Correct. I have the 75C ROM source listings (NOMAS volume 1), the commentry (NOMAS volume 2), the extended I/O ROM source listing and the HP75C service manual

But I don't have a scanner or anything to connect it to.


I've got vol I and II, but not the I/O ROM source listing. PPC printed vol I and II in "4-up" format (reduced four pages to one 8.5"x11" page) like the HP-71B IDS vol II and III, so it has to be scanned at high resolution to be useful. I scanned the 71B IDS vol II and III at 600 DPI, then split the pages. I will eventually do the same for the 75C NOMAS material, but at the moment the only scanner I have hooked up does only 400 DPI.


Hmm, sounds interesting. I just started to type the globals for the HP75C from Computer Journal V3N4. With this I will start very soon an emulator (based on an HP86 one) but for best results, system listings are always better :)

Could you please inform me when your listing will be scanned ?


Edited: 27 May 2005, 9:22 a.m.

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