Hewlett-Packatrd Battery Charger 82059D 115 VAC adapter for 220 VAC ?


I am selling a Digital Cassette Drive on ebay and it comes with a Hewlett-Packatrd Battery Charger 82059D 115VAC. I was aked:

"Is it possible to run the charger to 220VAC ? (using an adapter - of course)"

Does anyone know the answer?

If anyone objects to this question in this forum, delete it with password 1234.

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Hi, Chris; long time no... read!

About using 115VAC chargers in 220VAC outlet with AC adapters, I've been using a standard 115VAC charger for the HP82143A (don't have it in hands, now) in 220VAC outlets for many years with a single 50Watt, 220/110VAC traveller adapter/converter. Had no problems so far. In fact, now with an HP97 for about two years, I've been using the same charger + adapter set with it. Based on power consumption while charging, I remember that 50Watt was more than enough to 'run' the original charger with no risk.

At least, that's what I've been using. You see, these adapters usually convert in a 2:1 rate, what gives 110VAC output for 220VAC input. If the original adaptor runs at 115VAC, this means that the common fase-neutral AC outlet with a 220VAC fase-to-fase characteristic voltage, delivers aproximatelly 10% more voltage (127VAC) than the specified 115VAC. In this case, the adaptors are even safer because they deliver about 5% below the specified voltage. This figure is acceptable if power consumption goes below the nominal specified for the adaptor/converter.

Hope it is not confusing, I tried to write the fewer possible...


Luiz (Brazil)

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There are two kinds of converters:

a) with transformers, these supply a perfect sine on their outlet (but are relativey big & heavy).

b) with diodes, which simply cut one half of the wave (often found in traveller adapters).

The latter is ok for equipment like hair dryers, but could be a danger for electronics (eg. switching power supplies) and transformers (harmonics) depending on the design.


Hi, Michael;

although I have not mentioned, the one I use is a single, first type, with an autotransformer, meaning it has one single coil with a center tap. I prefer the isolated type, with separate coils, but it is a bit hard to find. The one I use I disassembled prior to check for internal connections, and I found it reliable.

Thanks for the very important additional info.


Luiz (Brazil)

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