Translate TI-59 programs to HP-67/97


Is there any simple method/program that can translate TI-59 programs to HP-67/97. I found several books on programming:

1. Handheld Calculator Programs for Rotating Equipment Design
2.Handheld Calculator Programs for Engineering Design
3.Calculator Programs for Chemical Engineers.

They appear to have some useful programs but are almost certainly in Ti-59 language.

Hope to hear from you soon.


I don't know of an easy method. I suspect that the easiest is to take the original equations and start from scratch. However, I can refer you to 2 articles which carry out the same calculations with listings of programs for HP67/97s and TI59s.

Program calculates orifice sizes for gas flows

William H. Mink

Chemical Engineering McGraw Hill

25th August 1980

Program sizes Control Valves for liquids

Jon F. Monsen

Chemical Engineering McGraw Hill

18th May 1981

Do you have a list of the programs from the books ?


No I don't Charles. Many thanks for the list of books though.


Like Charles said there isn't realy a way to translate the programs. The only way I can think of is manually. And I'm not sure about the existance of an HP-67 or HP-97. Those calculators aren't on the HP web site. Sorry I don't think I can help you.


Hi, NA;

try here. Remember: this is the Museum of HP calcs, both HP67 and 97 are no longer in production since the 80's, so they are not in the HP web site.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

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TI-59 has 960 unmerged programming steps and/or (I am not sure: and vs. and/or) 100 registers.

On the other hand HP67/97 has (certainly) 224 fully merged programming step, but only 26 registers. However, its set of programming instructions is certainly wider than the one of TI-59.

It is rather easy to follow the logic of keystroke programming in either case. IMHO, tho essential problem in translating a TI-59 program to HP-67 arises when more than 26 registers are necessary.

Hope this helps.


Nenad: "However, its (the HP67's) set of programming instructions is certainly wider than the one of TI-59."

Gene: This is arguable. :-) I'm not aware of any programming instructions the TI58/59 are "missing" compared to the HP67/97.

Things the HP67/97 had that the TI-58/59 did not have:

1) Relative addressing (the I register holds a negative number, a GTO goes that # of steps backwards)
2) RPN (of course), which made many problems easier to program (in my opinion)
3) ?

Things the TI58/59 had that the HP67/97 did not have:

1) More than one index register (every memory could be used for indirect addressing vs. only the I register in the HP67/97)
2) More subroutine levels (6 vs. 3?)
3) ROM subroutines
4) Much larger program step and register availability, which meant some problems could be done on this machine that couldn't on the HP.

What else should go on these lists?


The HP-67 may have had a more reliable magnetic card reader.

The HP-67 had guard digits to provide rounding of the ten digit mantissa.

The HP-67 did not have the non-commutative multiply which was in the TI-59, but the TI-59 had a thirteen digit mantissa which more than compensated in many computations.

The TI-59 was a hand-held which could be connected to a printer. The HP-67 was a hand-held which didn't have a printer capability. The HP-97 had a printer capability but wasn't hand-held or portable in any reasonable sense.

Easily the most important advantage of the TI-59 over the HP-67 was the availability of thirteen interchangeable Solid State cartridges with accessible subroutines plus the ability to provide user designed Solid State cartridges.

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