12c...it would have been great if...


Programming the venerable 12c to do numerical analysis on digits of a number, you must divide by 10, FRAC, and multiply by 10 to get the righmost digit. Wouldn't it have been great if the 12X and 12/ keys could have been customized to be 10X and 10/.

It's too bad we don't have 10 months in a year!


As long as accountants need 12 months to find out the targets being achieved, as long B-calcs will have those keys. Your task might be solved easier using a HP16C ;-)


Weren't there 10 months before Julius and Augustus ;-)


I agree with you and would like to add to your comment. The 12C would have been great if it had a back arrow key. RPN is all about minimizing key strokes, which it does nicely. However, for those of us with fingers that don't quite do what the mind is doing, a back arrow key would definitely help. This becomes very apparent when entering values with 7 numbers and one makes an input error on the seventh digit, ugh!!!

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