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I know this is not related to HP but I've exhausted my rersources every where else.
Does anyone know the model number and year Sharp made a credit size scientific calculator. I remember seeing a contractor in my youth using one. It came with a vinyl flip open cover

I hope maybe someone has one or knows where I may find some information on this unit. It was nice and compact.

Thanks all




SHARP made some different credit card sized calcs,

AFAIK all under the internal label Sharp ELSI Mate.

I for example have a Sharp ELSI Mate EL-8140.

My version also has the key-press sound key,

my previous EL calc didn't have that key,

which was horrible since the 'keyboard'

is only a thin mat of one single piece,

missing every third key stroke.

However, being an HP calclulator fan,

IMHO these credit card sized Sharps have only

one advantage over classic HP calcs: small size;-)

Please check out the link section for

other non-HP related calculator sites.



Thanks Raymond,
I'm still looking. And yes they were small. Thats why I like them



Memories...I used to have one of those neat little Sharp units. Fairly complete set of scientific functions, too. Unfortunately I sat on it one day. It continued to work with its new concave shape & judicial use of duct tape, but eventually I gave it up for an HP-15C.


What a neat idea to have a credit-card sized scientific. It would be a lot easier to carry around than a 49G+.


But wasn't it nice and compact. Just what every shirt pocket would order LOL



Paul, et al:

As Raymond mentioned, Sharp did have the EL-8140, which came out in 1978, I believe. Sharp also had the EL-8141 and 8145, which came out in 79 and 78, respectively. However, I think the 45 was the only model with horizontal orientation.

I have a TI-307 credit card-sized unit. (1988.)

Casio had some very thin models, but I don't have numbers.



I own a Canon card LC-62T . Use Google's first entry for "LC-62T" for a picture (it is called Casio, but is definitely canon. It is the flattest calc I have seen, and has a clock with alarm.

Nice toy, but nothing useful...something for managers!


there was a sharp credit card sized calculator made in all metal. it was thin. only slightly thicker than a real credit card. solar powered and well made. it came in a cloth pouch. i bought one, but i can't remember the model number. i really wish i still had it.

it was silver with metal buttons. i remember at the time there being a lot of other models that were called “credit card” sized, but they were actually considerable thicker and often took batteries (which would limit their thinness).

subsequently to this sharp model, i remember a casio that really was just the size of a credit card. i used to keep it in my wallet with actual cards. the problem with it was that it was made of plastic and all the parts were recessed into this plastic including the screen and keys (which were touch sensitive). unfortunately this meant it wasn’t very strong and it soon cracked due to everyday wear and tear.


Yes Canon made a credit-card solar calc (flat, touch-sensitive, no buttons...) Elastomer keybaord.

Of perhaps more interest here, Casio made the FX28 (landscape format) and FX68 (portrait format) 8 digit LCD scientific calcs. These were in the 1979-80 time frame. (I got my FX68 in spring of 1980.

Basic 4 functions + one memory, and log + trig functions, basic stats and D.MS<->D.d conversion. These took 2 watch batteries (357?) and batteries did last for a long time.

My old FX68 is somewhere kicking around Mom's place. I'll should dig it up.

Bill Wiese

San Jose


You mean like this one (also sold under the Radio Shack name)?


Wow, this is almost like the sahrp unit I saw back in the early 80's. Nice unit. I think alot of people in the industry would like something this small to come out again, don't you think??



I had one back then for a while and it was eventually stolen. I haven't seen anything like it since. I'd love to find another one. I saw one on ebay a while back for over $100. So I guess we're not the only ones who think it was a great form factor for a scientific calc. The closest I've been able to get is an rpn calc running on a credit card sized Rex6000 pda.


I have an old Sharp EL-507 scientific which is not quite credit-card size, but measures a slim 68 x 127 x 7 mm. It was bought about 1980.


And there is the 'no name'(!) AOS with all the common functions, incl. BIN, OCT, HEX, STAT, HYP, CPLX, etc. The only thing missing is progammability. 140 x 64 x 7 mm. Weighs 'next to nothing'. Good key action with a click. Still available here at only $8. (The very short manual is a joke. CPLX: "Used to set the complex number mode". I haven't been able to figure out how :-)


Well when exactly was your youth. Tell me snd I might just be able to help. Also it would help if you discribed it a little better.

Edited: 21 May 2005, 2:19 p.m.


My youth was when I was 23 back in the early 80's
I was working with a contractor named Eon (pronounced as as you see) and he loved it and wouldn't part with it for anything.


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