'How to view pictures and complex text on the calculator screen?


Hello!! Does anybody know what I have to do in order to become able to see grayscale pictures on my HP 49g+ calculator. Do I need any special program or library installed? Is there any way to make computer document files (NOT .txt) that include equations viewable on my calculator? Thank you for your time in advance!!!



Please take a look on: www.hpcalc.org

and the HP-48 related newsgroup: comp.sys.hp48



I dont understand what you mean complex texts but I often use the notepad and transfer the txt files to my 49g/g+ via the SD and use the view button in the file menu.

For drawing pictures I use the CPicEdit that you can download at Eric's site:




Thank you for your replies!
By mentioning complex text I mean text that has equations in "textbook" format and is accesable by programs such as MS word, acrobat, etc.



I dont belive any such comlpex text viewers/editor exist currently. But for viewing greyscale try GRS64-2.3(found at: http://www.hpcalc.org/hp49/graphics/grayscale/grs64.zip ), and for convesion and editing on the PC try CPicEdit(found at: http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/pc/misc/cpicedit.zip ), but make sure you read the readme texts included with these.
As for complex text......I'm working on it.

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