HP35 V3


Hi everyone,
I'm looking into buying a vintage HP35 because these guys Hewlett and Packard designed a damn good calculator.
What is a going price for one of these gems...the 3rd Version of it to be precise.
Anyone ?


Hi Orb,

The fair price is about $75 on eBay. Nowadays many sellers are singing the high note and expect buyers to pay more. Of course if the buyers wait it out, prices will come down.



Interesting. Didn't these devices sell for $300 new back in '72? I figure $75 is a great deal if I can get it that low.


I think they were introduced at $395. By the time I had saved up enough money to buy one, they had dropped the price to $295.


Actually, the selling price upon initial release was $395. That would be about $1850 in 2005 dollars, so from that perspective $75 seems to be a good deal. Of course that neglects the fact that you can get a calculator that does everything the HP-35 did for about $5 now. The HP-35's current value is set solely by its collectible status. Before eBay, the price was much lower.


I got mine for about 70$ (V3) about four months ago. If you don't care that much about the version, there's a V4 for 25$ auctioned in eBay (I'm not related to the seller)


What's so special about version 3?


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