Recall Argument capability


As I trace the evolution of the LAST X capability introduced in the Classic series (65?), I can see how it slowly evolved to become the RECALL ARGUMENTS in the 48GX. It had become very useful for those functions which require multiple input variables on the stack.

However, when I studied the HP 49G+, I was unable to find such a function. There is an UNDO, but it also erases the previous results.

Am I missing something here?


On the 28 series, the command is LAST, and on the 48 and 49
series, the command is LASTARG, although LAST still compiles to
LASTARG. On the 49 series, LASTARG can be invoked by LeftShift ANS
(over the ENTER key).

UNDO is different; it retrieves the last stack (assuming that last
stack saves are enabled). Also, UNDO isn't a UserRPL command; that
is, although the operation can be invoked from the keyboard, UNDO
is not a programmable command.

Note that the last command line, last arguments, and last stack
saves can be toggled from menu 69. You can get to this menu by
holding down LeftShift and pressing CUSTOM (over the H key), and
then pressing the MISC menu key.



Hi James,

Wow, thank you so much for the answer, it works exactly as I had hoped.

Without your kind assistance, I would have never found it. As the user's guide did not make any mention of the fact that "LASTARG" command is mapped to the ANS key in RPN mode

Thanks again.

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