Is this real?


Look at the following eBay auction for an HP 29C:

The main image is obviously wrong (showing a 19C from a different auction) but there are additional images & text, telling that the device in question is actually a 29C.

The price, $510 at 2 1/2 hours before end of auction, is ridiculous!


Hi Marcus,

I think that this is actually an Hp-10A and not a 19C nor a 29C.

The seller has mentioned this mistake in his auction and sends the right pictures through email.

I guess that he just copy/pasted the pics from his other auction that is a real...19C.

No problem there...just a little mess...

I've already purchased from Ronald and never had a problem.

Best regards from France.



Hi Ettiene,

Yes, I messed up in the upload the correct picture of the HP10 instead of the correct HP19, just plain stupid. I did sent quit a few people alredy the correct picture of the HP19C.




Mistakes happen frequently. We all have our shares. Since you responded here and on eBay, don't sweat it. It's an HP-10 and not a Cray computer that someone can use to create something really harmful to people.

To err is human, to forgive is divine, and to misspell things ... well that's reality for you!


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