Mysterious function of HP-12C


I've got a question about the HP-12C (original, not platinum). Is there a function "RCL g PSE", as displayed in program line 01:

        01-45,43 31

If so, what does it do? I can't find it in the manual.




Well the function exists - appears to enter the current value of the X reg on the stack, with a pause! Doesn't seem to change any registers...


I've just read the manual and found the key sequence mentioned in the capter about IRR (internal rate of return.) If you stop the calculation by pressing any keys and you want it to resume (probably with a new guess for IRR) you have to press [RCL][g][PSE].

Edited: 15 May 2005, 7:10 a.m.


Thanks guys! I was worried that Nonpareil might have been doing something different than the real calculator. I found that function when I was researching the 12C's "hex table". There was one leftover code, so I edited a save file and put that code in, and it decoded as "RCL g PSE". I thought it might be an illegal code, but then when I tried to key it in I was surprised to see that it actually worked.

I'm about to release a new version of Nonpareil that includes the 11C, 12C, and 15C (as well as the 16C that was added in the last version).

Next I'll work on getting the 67 going, initially without the card reader.



Hi Eric,

did you get my mail from a few days ago ?

Please let me know - Thanks;-)


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