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I've a question for anybody that has used both a HP-33s and a 49g+ - how do the keyboards compare? I picked up a 33s recently, and other than the silly shape of the thing I didn't think that the keyboard was all that bad. It's not as good as my old 41, but it's a lot better than most TI's I've used. I've read mixed things on the 49g+ keyboard, so I'm curious how it compares to the 33s.



I returned mine after having HP send me a replacement. I tried all the tricks (no clock displayed, KEYTIME=100 and lower, "wiggle" the keys, but the keyboard kept misfiring: You must press the keys just right for the input to register, which results in an unacceptably large number of errors. I am now looking for a used 32sII. No wonder the old models go for US$200 and more! If you ever used a 25, 41, 15, etc, you will be very disappointed with the 49G+ keyboard. Try before you buy.

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