Is my 41 sick ?


Hi all,
My 41 cv have a problem. When I switch in user mode and type any of the key of the first two rows the calc freeze!!
The only way to go on is to remove/replace the batteries.

I process with no modules inside and do a backspace + on to clear the memory, but the problem still remain. It appear suddently, no specials manipulations before...

Read this manip: If I assign a program to a key, when I switch in user mode the program is called. So the problem is only when there is no key assigned...
After that, if I de/assign the key ( by asn an empty string) then the problem appear again!

Is it the begin of the end for my 41cv ?
Is there a better way to be sure that the memory id really cleared ?

I love my 41, so please help me....


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