HP 67/97/41 Users' Library programs


When did HP cease sales from the users'library of 67/97/41 programs?

Does HP still have these programs?
Cheers Paul


My guess is that HP stopped supporting these programs by mid 80s. I don't think they support them anymore.

I contributed a large number of HP41 programs myself. I only have a handful of programs. The advent of the PC with BASIC and Turbo Pascal put an end to using the HP41 (and other calculators) as a PRIMARY problem solving tool.



A pretty good number of programs from the user library can be found here:



Many thanks for your replys guys, most appreciated. I'm still looking into the link you provide Gene, thanks. Eric I feel just as frustrated as you with the lost of the programs, thanks for your input. I'm trying a different tactic, I am tracking down and contacting some of the original programs authors in my own country, Australia. Some of the HP 67/97 Programs are 9 cards long, will provide more details in 11 hours time.

cheers Paul



The link you mentioned has a link to old HP and TI programs. Unfortunately, the link is dead!!! Funeral next Monday at 11 am.




That's ok. Sent an email to Dave, who is a time-to-time contributor here.

If something has happened, never fear...I have PDF copies of all that was there, I'd just have to put them up somewhere.

Dave scanned ALL of the HP and TI user library programs I received from an estate sale of a former PPC and TI PPC user club member. He had his programs organized alphabetically in binders! :-) Really big help.




many thanks for the offer of putting the programs back on the net, very much looking forward to it. I was wrong about the Users' library programs being gone forever, it appears they are still alive and kicking and in PDF format.

cheers Paul


Sorry about that! I broke things somehow when I took control of the DNS a week or two back. I'm working on it...


Fixed. The link off the Neko main page works now. It's:



I had fun reading all the mac folklore stories and was pleased to see yours where you talked about MacPaint 2.0!

I went out of my office and said, "Hey...I know this guy!"




Yeah, my stories didn't make it into the book (they both occured well after the original Mac was introduced), but I was invited to the book party in SF in January and got to see a bunch of old friends again...


For anyone who was in the San Jose meeting (what? you weren't there?), the scanned user library programs for the HP67 and HP41 are on that CD.

I may not have time to upload them in the next few days, so if someone wants to put them up somewhere....




Gene thats great news. Many thanks for the info. Whoever has a copy of this disk please put it up somewhere or send a copy to the museum, it would save us all alot of time.

I just recieved a 25 year old 9 card HP 67/97 program from its creator, a Mr Ronald Eades of Victoria, Australia, many thanks mate. The program deals with Analysis of Grouped Frequency Tabulations. Its approx. 1700 lines long, incredible. I have been informed that one or more Australian State authorities did used it. I'll try and scan it this weekend and send a copy to the museum, or anyone else that wants a copy. The instructions and program take up 60 pages.

cheers Paul


I'm not sure about the 67/97 user's library programs, but by the mid-1990s the 41C user's library programs were in a rental storage locker in Oregon. I tried to make arrangements to "rescue" them, with the intent of scanning all the writeups and putting PDF files on the web, but due to the cost involved and my work schedule I was unable to do so before the library was discarded.



G'day Fellas,

As stated previously, I'm tracking down and contacting some of the original program authors in my own country, Australia, with some success.

Last night I tried checking the phone book for two Australian program authors who had been mention in the HP digest 25 years ago for submitting programs in the region of 7 to 9 cards long.

To my amazement both gents were still alive, still had copies of the programs and more than willing to provide copies free of charge !!!! They were extremely helpful and I couldn't thank them enough. I think they were both amazed anyone would be interested in this old stuff. I will forward on the two programs to the museum when I recieve them as well as a copy of a HP 67 CE pac that just arrived in the mail.

I believe our best course of action is for us collectors to start contacting the original program authors in our respective states and asking very nicely if they still have the programs and would they sell/send us a copy. If they say no then they have a right to, but I think in most cases they'll help us out. We really need to get out there and start collecting these programs and submitting copies to the museum ASAP. The library is gone forever and some of these programmers are in their 80s.

cheers Paul


To add to my last post,

the Users'Library Catalogs of contributed Programs list the authors and their respective home town/state. If you need some copies let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm not sure if the museum's seven disc collection has them or not, I don't think so. When I get a chance I'll scan them and send them in.

cheers Paul

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