Non-selling seller on eBay


Hi, I was wondering if anyone of you guys has experience in how to deal with a non-selling seller. Got (admittedly) very lucky and now the guy refuses to sell to me. I have contacted eBay a week ago and have yet to hear from them anything else than their canned responses. I requested the sellers details yet they are not accurate anymore...
Any ideas? I'm sure If I give bad feedback he'll just retaliate...

Thanks for any help and advice

(I posted this anonymus to avoid the guys in the knowing to find me on eBay and the seller. Don;t want to go that public yet)


Throughout history auctions have always been rife with fraud. It appears you have done all you can by reporting the facts to eBay.

It is well to remember these few facts: no one sells anything because it works too well. The first objective of those who sell through auctions is to make money. All that glitters is most definitely not gold. Caveat emptor!


Basically ebay protects the seller. If a seller refuses to sell, he only needs to report the item is not for sale anymore or broken or whatsoever and he's done...


My reading of the agreement makes it clear that the seller is supposed to have a good reason to end an auction.

I sold something that I had second thoughts about--but I let it go--cause I did not want to mess up my e-bay "privileges."

I guess I was mistaken--I'll read it again.



Be happy at least; you aren't out any money it sounds like. It's really bad when sellers don't ship and keep money.


Basically, you can't do nothing. If the seller has got a good score he'll sell even in the case of a bad bussiness just to protect him from negative feedback, but if your seller has got a low score, as I said, you can't do nothing useful...


wow, you guys really know how to chear up a fellow HP lover...

Thanks for the info, I guess I'll just let it go.



Hi Anonymus

Why don´t you tell us your real name or even your ebay name? I very often deal through ebay and get in conflicts with sellers / buyers sometimes, but I´m still using my real name to keep my words open and to give the other a chance to talk. I think, if you want to solve a problem correct, you should be more transparent.


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