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Ihad posted a Saturn Assembly solution to this challenge but felt it could do with some tiyding up. So I did and gained a few seconds. Then I realised that most of the time was spent squaring the numbers. Knowing that the sum of odd numbers is the list of square numbers, I could change the squaring into a mere couple of additions. This code now runs much faster.

It takes 5.3s on a 49g+ and 13s on a 48GX. I am not talking about emulated speed here but real speed. I still need to port it to the 28S. The 71 has a Saturn but I don't have one and don't know what is its support for assembly...

I can send you the compiled program if you email me.


LA 1111088889000
C=0.M LC 66665000 B=C.M
LC 33333 RSTK=C

B+1.M B+1.M A+B.M C=A.M %This is were the square is calculated

P=5 A=0.XS B=0.XS D=0.XS
P+1 GOC GoodNumber
?C=0.XS GOYES NextNumber
?A#0.XS { A=C.XS GOTO TestNumber }
?A=C.XS GOYES TestNumber
?B#0.XS { B=C.XS GOTO TestNumber }
?B=C.XS GOYES TestNumber
?D#0.XS { D=C.XS GOTO TestNumber }
?D=C.XS GOYES TestNumber
GOTO NextNumber

C=B.M R2=C.M
LA 009
C=R2.M B=C.M
GOTO NextNumber



All these challenges are not part of some post graduate homework you have been give (<big smile>). Was just wondering!


(Basking in the sunny and sometimes cloudy southern France ... for a few days more)


Unfortunately, last time I was given some postgraduate work to do was about 5 years ago, what is more since then I have been basking in the British rain instead of the warm south of France ever since...




You are missing the beauty and magic of southern France. They predictewd clouds today ... well not for long. It's sunny and beautiful at noon today!! It's hard to stay inside and play with the internet and HP emulators. I am surrendering to the temptation of this nice weather.


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