L() and G() functions on HP17BII+


I have tried the L and G functions on my HP17BII+ and I have found that the L function works okay but the G function does not.
If I use the equation L(A:X) + A - B = 0 and enter 3 for X and solve for B the result is 6.
If I use the equation L(X) + G(A) - B = 0 and enter 3 the result is 3.
The first equation does have the added pain of seeing the variable A on the Menu bar but seems to work.
Even more confusing if I use the first equation and calculate and then use the second equation and calculate the G function appears to work. If I then change the variable from A to Z, say, then calculate using the second equation it fails!!!! Is there some sort of memory problem?


Hi, Christopher;

have you read this post? I guess what you mention (some variables work, others don't) relates to this post's contents.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)



Many thanks



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