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Too bad... no mention of fixing keyboard problems.


it works flawlessly, there are no more key misses. Update your HP's now!!!!!!!!! You |HP is very hungry for this |*Filet Mignon* or *Ribeye Steak|* quality upgrade.


This is outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!


Mine misses keystrokes just as much as before. If I type normally,
that is, until I feel the tactile feedback like on a 48 series,
then it misses maybe one out of twenty keystrokes. Once I remember
that it's a 49 series and so I have to press the keys down hard
until they bottom out, then it works okay until I forget and go
back to typing normally. I don't notice any difference whatsoever
in the keyboard.

To me, it's still not fit for real work; it's just a nifty toy.
I'll continue to use the 48 series when I just want to get some
work done.

Are they ever going to fix the defective keyboard?

But some of the other fixes in the upgrade are very nice. Anyone
who has a 49g+ should upgade to revision #2.00 as soon as



For what it's worth, the sticker on the back of my HP is


When I type VERSION I receive upon 2 stacks...

Stack #1: Copyright HP 2003 (yes, it says 2003)
Stack #2: Version HP49-C Revision #1.23

Could you post your serial number and type VERSION? I'm just interested.

Oh, and speaking of a toy... I just put on a chess program onto my 49g+. Fun.


VERSION should really identify the *newly* uploaded ROM. Looks like you found the VERSION amnesia bug<G>!... testing here shows I can only cause this by re-loading hp49g123.bin, after loading the new 49Gp_50.bin ... the instructions mistakenly refer to the hp49g123 - but with the new one I do get the new VERSION. Cheers, Tony

Edited: 7 May 2005, 7:28 p.m.


Hi, J.C.;

according to Tony, mine reads:

2:  "Version HP49-C
Revision #2.00"
1: "Copyright HP 2005"
The serail number is inprinted (heat, no sticker) in the back: CN40203xxx.

I agree with James: the additional features worth giving it a try. One thing I observed: with the earlier 1.23 ROM, the HP49G+ used to wake up immediately after pressing the [ON] key. Now it takes some time to get ready, something between ½ to 1 second.


Luiz (Brazil)




You don't have the new ROM on if you got that message. Are you 100% sure its installed correctly? When you plot something, is the whole screen used for the plot?

It looks to me like people are really hoping for a solution to the keyboard problem, and often announce 'cures' that really don't help. See the fifty+ posts on comp.sys.hp48 saying that 'keytime' fixes it, or that overclocking fixes it, or that wiggling the keys fixes it, etc.



serial number is CN33304946

Version command says:
"Version HP49-C Revision #2.00"
"Copyright HP 2005"



Serial on the sticker on the back of the package: CNA423xxxxx

Serial stamped into the back of the calculator: CNA419xxxxx

Internal serial from the SERIAL command: CN424xxxxx

VERSION returns:

"Version HP49-C
Revision #2.00"
"Copyright HP 2005"
VER displays:
HP49 CAS by Parisse,
Heiskanen & Fiechter
in the header and returns 4.20050219 to the stack.

The tests screen ([ON] and [F]) briefly displays:

VERSION: 04.01
The update screen shows:
SERIAL: CN424xxxxx
The Metakernal splash screen (seen briefly when warmstating)
includes "Ver 3.00".



James, you usually have quite comprehensive replies but I jus wanted to check.
Is there any other serial/version number you are aware of?
Maybe the issue number of the manual...



Those were nice days when *the one* serial number

was simply stamped on the back of the case,

and the calc's ROM had *one* revision number.

Maybe the keyboard mechanism and the associated

software patches of the 49g+ have revision numbers, too...

Currently they seem to be rev. 0.x beta;-)




The link for download is not working for me. Can anyone send to me the update file for the 49g+?







Try http://tinyurl.com/bn2wc.


It didn't fix it for me. It's hard to say whether it's better than it was with the old ROM. It's still missing key strokes often enough to be very annoying.


Good news!
Glad to see HP people are not sleeping on the job. Finally I am seriously thinking of ordering an HP-49G+ (should I wait a little longer?)



... I have no regrets. I'd not tell you 'Buy it!', but if you have the chance to use one and read the related papers (User's Guide guides to the living hall, only) available at hpcalc.org, then you'd be given a better idea.

Mine also has a 256MByte SD card. I didn't need to used it yet...

Um abraço, Gerson!

Luiz (Brazil)


Mine also has a 256MByte SD card. I didn't need to used it yet...

I have a 64MB SD card reserved for it. 64MB is much more than I will ever need (Oops! Someone said something like that before and it was completely wrong :-)
Anyway, the 512KB RAM Card in my 48GX has still 180KB free (I have Erable, Alg48, LongInt, SpecialFuntions libraries, some of which are built-in in the 49G+. )



( []s significa "abraços". Uma vez recebi isso em um e-mail e demorei um pouco para atinar com o significado...)

1234 to remove


(Oops! Someone said something like that before and it was completely wrong :-)
Was it Willian Gates?

I choose the 256MB because of both: 1) the difference paid for it related to the 128M and 64M was affordable; 2) I can use it in my digital camera (to be truth, I boutght another one...)

About the brackets, I have also seen {}s.



123456 to remove

Edited: 8 May 2005, 1:57 p.m.


Hi; this is to acknoledge.

From the HP page:

This new version now offers:

Increased number of usable screen lines for graphing and general work

Added SD card format functionality in file manager

Added FAT32 support for SD cards

Added HP equation library

I downloaded it and gonna update it soon. Mainly because of the three last features.

Thanks, Thomas!

Luiz (Brazil)


Interesting, I did not find the upgrade going the www.hp.com route, so I used your link instead. I am downloading the update now. If this update works (which I'm confident it does), I'll be updating my two 49s. Thanks!


The update worked fine in my calculator once I reached the download site (that took some time). Now, does anybody know anything about the added HP equation library?


The equation library is the same as the one that was in the hp48G.
It also comes with a few other utils like MINEHUNT the original minesweeper, and returns the units to the multiple equation solver.
However, it comes as 2 libraries, number 226 and 227, that appear in port 2. It is important you don't delete these two libraries or you will have to reflash your calc or get them from someone.



Thanks, will go exploring....

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