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Thanks to some help from HrastProgrammer, the HP-11C is now mostly functional in the Nonpareil simulator. Preliminary results indicate that the HP-12C, HP-15C, and HP-16C seem to work as well. The display annunciators don't work yet, and there are some anomalies to investigate before it's ready for a release.

Recently I've mostly been working on improvements to the simulation infrastructure. I've now got working code to save the state of any simulated calculator to a disk file as a gzip-compressed XML file, so Nonpareil will finally have continuous memory. :-) There's still some remaining work on restoring state from a save file, and making it automatically save on exit and restore on startup.

Dealing with compressed XML using libxml2 is very easy. It's a great library.



Are you still planning to sell a windows version of nonpareil? If so, when will it be available!

Thank you for your efforts in emu/simulating HP calcs!



Are you still planning to sell a windows version of nonpareil?

That's still the plan.

If so, when will it be available!

Hard to say, since development proceeds in fits and starts. I'm tempted to say something like "when it's ready, and not one moment sooner". But I'm hoping to do it sometime before the end of 2005.

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