HP 48sx manuals


Does anybody know where I can download a copy of the manuals for a 48SX. I just bought a used one, and don't know how to use it.



The Hp48SX manual on CD is available for purchase from this site.

If you can make use of the Hp48GX manual it is available for free on hpcalc.org. It is 16 MB.

If you just wish to make quick use of your Hp48, you can download turtorials from various sites as it is very similiar to the G series.

You can also google for Hp48g.

Samson cables may still have original SX manuals for sale.


I bought the DVD from this site.

I recently bought a 48SX on eBay - no manuals.

So, I printed out the 48SX manuals, double-sided, two pages per side of paper. I took the several hundred pages to Kinkos and had them spiral bind 'em. Now I've got a nice set of manuals!


I have a very good "Owners Manual Volume II", Edition 4, 1990, that I will wend you for the price of mail. Send me an e-mail if you are interested. flee@theriverdotcom


I found a coworker who has the manuals. I made a copy and pdf of them myself. Thanks for all the input.


Hi, Kevin;

just to add that there are some different printings of the HP48S/Sx manuals. I have two of them: an earlier, two-volume, spiral bound printing and a newer, single volume, brochure. The brocure has an additional appendix that deals with the main differences between the HP48 (RPL) and the HP41 (RPN). I digitized this additional info, used an OCR and generated a small PDF with it, I just have to find it (makes me remember to put my personal set of CD's in order. Where in the h... is this pdf?). Is it of any interest for you or anyone else?

Something to add. Willian C. Wickes wrote "HP48 Insights", a two-volume excelent book. There's a third volume dealing with the HP48G-series; this one I don't have. I think it is an excelent refernce to any HP48S/SX user that wants to go in deep without using 'trial and error' technics.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 8 May 2005, 12:56 p.m.



Is the third volume(48G), an addition to the other two, or entirely separate? In other words, would the third volume stand alone for the 48G series, and have all the information needed for that series?

This sounds like I need to search for a new book.



Hi, Forrest;

IIRC, the third volume was actually the 're-written' second-volume for the G-series (Programming). The first volume, related to usage, was taken as common for both S- and G-series.

I'd like having this third volume, too.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi, Forrest;

I took the HP48 Insights, V1 and V2, and I realized I'm wrong. The volumes are divided in Principles and Programming (V1) and Problem-Solving Resources (V2). The actual re-writtenm, G-series oriented is the Volume 1: Principles and Programming.


Luiz (Brazil)



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