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Hello Folks,

I am in serious trouble. I lost about 1/2 of a calculation in my 17B. I am in the equipment leasing business. About 12 yrs ago I was given a calculation that has made my life very easy. Unfortunately somehow I just lost 1/2 the calculation. The hard copy I had in my house burned to the ground along with my house 2 years ago.

So I beg someone to help me. Here is what I am trying to accomplish:


Payment / Cost / Interest / Residual value Percentage / Points / Term / Advance Payments

Here's an example:

I have a $50,000.00 deal. I get an approval from a bank at 8%. I want to make 6 points (%) or $3,000.00 on the deal. The residual value at the end of the term is a 10% Put (balloon). The customer would like a 60 month term and is paying first and last payment in advance leaving 58 payments remaining in the stream.

This is how I used to plug it in to the calculator:

pmt: This is what I am solving
CST: $50,000.00
INT%: 8%
RV%: -10
pts: 6
N: 60
#adv: 2

I would then solve for payment.

This is what I have left of my calculation:


That's where I lose it. The *divided by* is the actual symbol. I could not figure out how to express it in any other way.

So can anybody solve this major problem for me? Please help.


PMT=(- (1+PTS÷100) × CST – (RV%÷100)×CST × (SPPV ( I%YR ÷ 12 : N ) ) ) ÷ (USPV ( I%YR ÷ 12 : N - #ADV) + #ADV)


Thank you Bob Wang. You are a good man!

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