From what COMPANY can I buy a HP48SX?



I´ve lost my link to a US company that sells all kind of "vintage" models, and I am especially interested in a HP48SX version D. Need not be mint, but reasonably fresh anyway.

I hope that someone can help me with the correct URL.

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They can be obtained from the auction website. But make sure the person you are buying from has a good record (i.e., few, if any negatives). Also, if you have any questions about the condition of the HP 48SX, e-mail the seller your questions. Good luck!

#4 does sell!


I'll be selling my as new HP 48sx soon, let me know if your interested. It has only ever been used as a backup since owning an HP 48gx. This one is an original USA made models, which is quite rare, with original spiral manuals, flip case etc.

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Thanks everyone!

HPCALCMAN is the company I was searching for.
Thanks again!

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