HP-41 2x speed up?


I am looking for information on how to speed up the HP-41 calculators. I remember vaguely from the mid-eighties that the procedure was to replace one of the resistors on the CPU board and thereby increasing its speed by a factor 2.

Information or a reference to where I can find more details will be appreciated.


-- Arne


I beleive there was a recent thread here, just a few month back.




Peter said, "I beleive there was a recent thread here, just a few months back."

A few months? The last post of the last time this thread came around was three days ago.



Well Peter,

I see that you already forgot our discussion of last week :.( Fortunately, Garth is there to refresh our memories.....

You proposed to send me some pictures and I will be happy to have a look on it (as well Arne probably).

Kind regards,




Sorry, I did not forget, just was out of the country...
Here is a link to pictures of various CV and C boards as well as one halvenut board (Thanks Diego!!) with the timing capacitor marked.

Link to C/CV boards

Let me know if there are any problems in viewing the pictures.
Happy speeding!



Edited: 3 May 2005, 9:40 p.m.



Many thanks for theses nice pictures!!!!


I really appreciate as well your mail with the informations on the halfnut.




Thanks for the reference to the photos, Peter! Exactly what I was looking for!

-- Arne

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