Gene? (Or anyone who knows?) I need some help...


Hi Gene, folks;

about two months ago I was able to find and download the "HP12C Platinum Solutions Handbook" at, HP12C Platinum link, Product Manuals. Now I cannot find it, and what worries me most is the fact that the original file name - bpia5184.pdf - points to the HP12C Platinum User's Guide (former HP12C Platinum Owner's Handbook and problem Solving Guide). Does anyone know if the file has a new name, can be found somewhere else or was simply 'purged'?


I'd like to have it as a reference, because there's no official printing of this document anywhere, and the only existing 'official' reference was at the HP site.

Thanks for any info.

Luiz (Brazil)


I think there may have been a website mix-up. I would expect it to be back shortly.


123456 to remove


Hi Gene, folks;

right after reading Gene's answer, I decided to send a message to HP through 'Contact Us', and I choose 'Problems with the site'. About four hours later (I confused with the confirmation in the original post) I received a message asking me to try the Product Manuals option. I replied with the fact that I had already tried it, and that I could not find the document and I mentioned the document name and prior file name again. I asked if there was another way to find it or another place to ask for help. A few minutes later I tried it again and saw this: the Hp12C Solutions Handbook now has another name and another address.

That what pretty fast! I for one must credit this forward action to HP.

Cheers. (and thanks, Gene, for having a positive view)

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 3 May 2005, 1:06 a.m.

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