Need HP49G+ ROM for Emu 1.35 W2K



could someone tell me where to download the ROM file?
Or send it to me?
I've looked in many places but could not find it.



Please take a look at ...

There you'll find all info how to make the 49g+ ROM file yourself;-)



Emu48 v1.35 don't support the HP49G+. So it don't make sense to search for a ROM image.

There's a version of Emu48 v1.35+ I think, made by HP for educational purpose which include a special ROM version makes a HP49G+ functional simulation possible (no ARM code). There was a page on where teachers was able to order the CD with the special version of Emu48.




OK, say I wanted a ROM for HP49 that is compatible with Emu 1.35. I don't have the calculator, I can't extract the ROM.

Can someone send it to me at


Or you can download the ROM image you want from

Erik has all the ROM images released for the Hp38/39/48/49s up until the new ARM cpu equiped Hp graphics ie up to 2003 series.


There's a ROM section in the Emu48 FAQ containing links to complete packages with ROM image.

If this isn't the lastest ROM version (1.19-6) you can update it with the tool at and the latest ROM update at Refer the manual from the upd49rom package how to do this.




Thanks to everyone!!!!

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