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I recently acquired a working HP 97s with a 82059A charger, is the above mentioned charger the correct one for this calculator?

The charger's two female recepticales at one end of the lead appear to be the same distance apart as the two male prongs on the calculator. However there is a vertical metal blade between the male pieces on the calculator that blocks the charge lead plug being inserted into the males prongs on the calculator. Do I have the wrong charger or is the problem the new owner?

Cheers Paul


The connector on your charger should be Y shaped.
However, http://www.hpmuseum.org/collect.htm#batts says you have the right model number.




many thanks for your reply, I check this information before but the 82059A charge I have does not fit hp 97s. I believe there are subtle differences between the chargers listed?


I used to own an HP-19C, which uses the same charger. The charger that came with mine had the plug with a notch between the two contacts, but the connector on the calculator side did not have a bar between the two male contacts...

From what I remember, the chargers with the notch had a somewhat lower output voltage. My guess is that the models that required the "notched" chargers could not deal with the higher voltage of the non-notched models. But I'm sure someone will prove me wrong. :-)

(Hmmm, on second thought, I might be confused between the 19C and the 82143A (printer for the 41C). Still, I seem to remember it has to do with the charger's output voltage -- 8V for the notched, 9V for the notch-less ones? I'd be careful trying to use a charger with a device that it wasn't meant for -- that notch is there for a reason.)

- Thomas

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I thought the reason for the notch was that people found that the mains lead from a radio/cassette recorder would fit the old-style plugs on the Topcat series, and were thus doing major damage to the machines by directly connecting them to the mains. The plastic web on the new-style connector prevented this.

AFAIK there's no problem with the output voltage. These chargers are unregulated and have a deliberately high internal resistance anyway. 8V or 9V would make no difference.

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