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I sold an HP15C on eBay and I am not really familiar with its operation. It did pass the self tests as shown here:

(ON X) and the keyboard test (ON -:-).



for testing details.

When the winner received it he couldn't even perform rudimentary arithmetic correctly (like 5 ENTER 15 X). I had him clear the complex flag and now that works.

However, both SQRT and X^Y produce ERROR 4. This is confusing because the manual states ERROR 4 is a programming error, I would expect ERROR 0 during a bad SQRT operation.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Have your client clear User mode by pressing [f][RCL]. He should be fine.

Your client needs manuals for the HP15C.



Thanks for your help. I agree he needs to read the manual.



The manual is available on the Bring Back the 15C website.
It is here.



Excellent!! Now folks have no excuse to ask how to operate the 15C.


Thanks, I found that also. I sent the link to my client but apparently he is completely unfamiliar with the HP15C. He is treating every unexpected operation of the calculator as a possible failure and asking me for support.



Maybe you should charge him for tech support unless it really is a failure?




Yes, I should charge, but that might precipitate a negative feedback on eBay. I always give people a positive as soon as they pay me because in my opinion they have fulfilled their obligation to me.

It's a pity most others don't operate in the same way. After getting burned a few time I have become disillusioned with eBay, particularly they way they responded to my emails. They pretty much said go away and let us continue to make money.



I would advise him to start fresh from a master clear (ON -, I believe)


The buyer doubtlessly spent $250+ on this calc and doesn't even know basic RPN operations. What a waste...


Yes, but what a testament to the appeal and desirability of the traditional HPs!


I wonder why someone would spend extra money on a used calc that he has trouble using. Why not just get a new TI?


Well, he did claim to use an HP32SII. Those two models are quite different and he should have spent some time studying the manual.

I hate dealing with eBay. I sold the HP15C as a favor to a friend who has no experience selling on eBay. The only good thing about it is the selling prices do get high.


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