Problems with EMU42 for hp28S


I managed to extract the ROM from my 28S and checked it CRC. After renaming it as per the .KML script I ran EMU42.
In the status window appearing before the calc, I don't get any error message. But then the display of the emulator remains blank. Has this happened to anyone before? Any ideas to make it work?




No - no idea so far, only: did you check every line of the "status window" (KML compilation result), did you hit the ON key, did you adjust the contrast (right-click ON and left-click "+" key)? Which KML did you try, mine?

Sorry - no idea, just: try harder <G>



Thanks for your help, I guess I will have to follow your advice and try harder...



In the case of a bad KML script the OK button of the "KML Script Compilation Result" dialog is disabled. I think that you have a wrong ROM image. You should get

Unpacking data...
1st Lewis CRC Pass 0 = FFFF
1st Lewis CRC Pass 1 = FFFF
2nd Lewis CRC Pass 0 = FFFF
2nd Lewis CRC Pass 1 = FFFF
CRC ok!


when you are doing the CRC test. I get your result of a blank display in the case when I'm using a HP28C ROM image with Emu42.

The MD5 checksum of the HP28S rev 2BB ROM image is

353948e6c236fb570d1370dbff7c83fc *HP28S.ROM



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Thank you for your help, somehow the ROM had been corrupted between me checking the CRC and trying EMU42. So I redownloaded the ROM and it is working now.

Also, and more importantly, thank you for your emulators.

Just one complaint, my HP28S is brown, all the ones available with the different KML scripts I found are black. I may try to make a new KML script for the brown 28S when I have time.

Once again thanks a lot



You do not need a new KML, just change the photo in PaintShopPro (or some other suitable SW) from black to brown.



Be sure there are no black manufacturing HP28S. :) It's a bad scan being too dark.

The only interesting thing is, that the scan was made in 2002 from my first HP28S I bought in 1988, sold in 1991 to my brother and got it back in 2002 for the integration time in Emu42. Meanwhile my brother told me, that this HP28S has now a keyboard defect. :(




IMHO one big advantage of the emulated calculators is the changable skin. So you may have a very personal one, like this one.


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