HP42S - HP15 C


Need to know if there's a replacement front plate of an HP 42S 'cause mine was corroded by humidity and fingers sweat.
You don't imagine Amazon's temperature and humidity.

Does anyone have an HP 15 Manuals for trading?. I Have manuals of an HP48GX and an HP28S if you need it we can trade or change one to another.



i can imagin. i used my 41 in the upper amazon basin (the rio napo) for a couple of months, but it handled the humidity better than i did. most things rust, rot, or turn green. fence posts sprout leaves and grow.... mabye you could use scotchbrite and sort of "brush" in a new finish to mostly hide the blemishes. or learn to wear them with...pride!



Ever been to the rio Napo? I've used a 41CX and a 48GX in a couple wildcat oil wells close to it. A Comp-U-Bag helped a lot to keep both machines in good shape. Later I got a poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) bag that was better.

I used both calculators to replace my tally book, taking notes, recording pumping pressures/rates and doing some on-the-fly number crunching. Needless to say, my hands were anything but clean, sometimes even wet from measuring mud/cement density with a mud balance. I just pulled the calculator from my coverall pocket, used it and put it back in. And both machines survived and served well.

Marx Pio:

I agree with db. Some Scotch Brite would do no harm.


did some work near coca on the napo and some near lago agrio on a northern fork called the aguarico. both a drag (mal experiencia). then a "linderacion" near tena on the misahualli, another branch of the napo. saw it near mazan in peru; what a difference! // i just use fold lock baggies and tape them shut. they arent anti-static like yours, but i havent had a problem so far and they are always available and cheap, kind of like warm beer in the jungle.


I work in Manaus, beside Rio Negro, I'm a structural engineer and things here are like said db, we almost see growing branches in steel structures.The combination humidity and temperature make my notebook looks like it went to a bath.I lost a notebook and two HP's.
Think I'm gonna carry my calc machine with a pack of silica gel near to it in the case. How About?


Marx Pio:

From my field experience with electronic field recorders and junction boxes in the jungle, silica bags wear out quite fast. I usually put the calculator in the bag when I´m home (which is thankfully cold and dry) and seal it, keeping it so until I get back. It works. Could work also sealing the bag in an air conditioned room (cold and dry too) before field use.

Regarding notebooks, mine never leaves my air-conditioned-to-65°F camper. Otherwise it gets so wet that water drips from the screen and keyboard; the touchpads just doesn't work.

Once in a well I got a radio station that broadcasted a daily weather report, which included relative humidity; day to day it was always 97%. After a week of listening the same number, I just turned the radio off and never turned it on again. I actually saw that well's drilling rig doghouse growing some kind of weed once.

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