Install Library in Emu48 w/ HP49G



I want to know if I can install a library (for example in my Emu48 with HP49G.

I have Emu48 on both versions, W2000 and Pocket PC.




just drag and drop the library onto the running Emu48.

Then, store it to a port, as usual.

This is also kinda RTFM;-)




I don't have the manual, where can I find it?


The manual for the 49g can be found on the

hp website in the calculator support area,

and AFAIK on in the documents area, too.



Ah, so it is a manual for the HP49, not for Emu48?


Sorry, I assumed you mean the calculator manual...

However, the emulator 'manual' comes with the emulator,

and can also be downloaded from,

along with the emulator itself.

AFAIK it's called Emu48.txt.

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