Amazing coburlin prices for HP calculators



Please, stop this coburlin stuff! I read this forum because I'm interested in HP calculators and not in dishonest guys (try to) selling them on eBay...


Come on, Juergen, surely you must enjoy a sense of righteous indignation and moral outrage as much as the rest of us?

After all these years, I should know better, but I'm still surprised how low some people can go. I'm even more amazed at the type of personality that can just shrug off all the criticism. Must be some kind of sociopath.


--- Les Bell



I agree with Juergen. Coburlin is a jerk and we shouldn't waste our time discussing that idiot.


Now I have to deny my own request. Les Bells, that's not fair ;-)

What really upsets me is that eBay does not stop him (you remember, the former coburlin discussion was about his last minute changes to his ads). eBay should be more strict and also protect buyers, not only sellers.

Regarding coburlin, the only thing I can say is: what a poor guy! He has so much HP stuff, but only sees the profit it might bring in, but not the ingenuity behind these things. But if money makes him happy, and eBay does not care, and there are dumb buyers... Amen


Juergen, I think Les Bell's second paragraph (sociopath) was referring to the jerk coburlin, not you.


Look people, its nice to see that there are some of us that care about what is happening to the prices of HP calculators, but lets face it, its a free world out there. There are some out there who will not rip you off because they know that some of us do want to buy to use these units. I understand that there are collectors too but thats life I'm afraid. We have those who are more concerned about $$$ than the preservation of the finer electronics of yester-year.
I too have posted a request for a 20S and thankfully coburlin hasn't replied to my add (thank goodness for that), but someone else on this site has and I know I will get a fair deal. So its just a matter of working out who you want to trade and who you DON'T. It's that simple

my 2 cents worth



Sorry to drag this out, but just to make it clear - as Don Shepherd has deduced, I wasn't labelling you a sociopath, Juergen.


--- Les Bell



Les Bells,

yes, I know that you didn't meant me being a sociopath. I just wanted to say that first I asked the folks to stop discussion about coburlin, and then responded to your posting. Oops, I mentioned him again... STOP ;-)

Regards, Juergen


... this is real. And this guy uses engineers needs and actions to justify his ones!

Although I agree with Juergen, I think it is harmless to know that this kind of people (?) exists, and some of our favorite models may be stuck in mindless, wrong hands. Actually, this is what p.... me off!

Luiz (a proud owner of many in-use HP calculators)


This is what I mean Luiz. It's people like you that we want to trade, buy or swap with, because we understand appreciate the finer things in life, even though one of those is calculators. We don't have to acknowledge Cobulin if we don't want to. It's no diffrent to someone who appreciates a good painting of a fine car.I know the regulars on this site that David Hicks created and I think almost all of us appreciate what he created and acknowledge his efforts along with the help of others

Paul Marin

Again my 2 cents worth


123456 to remove (no dots, sorry...)


Your welcome. I am not on this site to be nasty to anyone. But honestly, it makes it so difficult for people like me, with wife, kids & morgage to compete with people like coburlin.
Between you, Bill Platt, Les Bell Dave Hicks and many many others that i see regularly on this site who help the needy in this area, we won't have to worry about guys like coburlin. He is just in sales. I doubt that he even knows how to use a scientific calc let alone RPN.
Lets just concentrate on the fun and satisfactions these little devices give us and ignore the others that cause us pain.

My $100 bucks worth (Aust dollars by the way not US)

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