How to remove Glue from cases


I have seen glue like what is used on models and other types of glue on calc cases. What, if any, are good ways of removing these without harming the calculator.

1) Model cement (airplane glue)

2) Glue from labels, etc.


WD-40 works well for label gum, silicone spray lube can work as well, suggest washing residue of these off with a bit of dishwashing detergent and water mix making a damp cloth, also keep away from chromed or gold plated plastic. If you need a stronger remover, use Gumout quickly and at your own risk for stronger removal capabilities. Some of the thick and solid (like epoxy) adhesives are easier to shear off to remove the largest part of them rather than starting with a solvent IMHO.


Most plastic cement is a solvent that liquefies the plastic and then evaporates. The thick kind in tubes is just solvent mixed with plastic so it's less likely to get into kids' eyes. There's really nothing to remove since all that's left after the solvent evaporates is plastic.

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