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Hi Mike!

I expect 1.2 or 1,2 (prefering the later) but for sure not 12.
PI is shown as 3,1415. ->HMS results in 3. Quite barefaced simplification.



The directory path you found does indeed exist on my system - but isn't in my code, so I can only guess that the Visual BASIC compiler includes the path to %windir%\system32 as some sort of shortcut, possibly to the VB runtime..?

I think the problems you have had are related to the use in some locales of a comma as a decimal delimiter, though I am a little confused as you do not get a type mismatch error - I have to confess that I was naive enough to presume that a number in Visual BASIC was just a number and the possibility that Visual BASIC itself would format numbers using commas depending on the users' locale just didn't occur to me!

Mike T.

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