Program for adding fractions?


Does anyone know if a program can be written for a 28S or 48GX so the user can add/subract fractions similar to what's available on the HP 6S? This would be a good addition for those of us who use shop drawings.



One of the differences betwixt the 32S and the 32SII is the latter's fraction entry/conversion function. I don't use it much, but it seemed to work. You might want to take a look. (In fact, I've got a 32SII on my workbench for precisely that reason, but I think I may have used the feature once, if ever . . . )


That's right : the 32SII is able to work with fractions.
You just have to activate the FDISP function. One of the restriction is that the denominator must be inferior to 4095. You have different modes of fractions to fix the max value of the denominator (up to 4095 of course). You can fix the denominator too, ....


You have a 48GX. It will convert any decimal value into a fraction (has forced accuaracy, I believe also).

To get to menu for fraction conversion use purple shift left key, then symbolic (no purple color to indicate this)#9 key, A menu appears at top, hit next key for second set of menu's. There is a Q< key to convert any decimal into a fraction. I believe this will work for you.

There are also some programs on a link website that may have more elaborate fraction routines.


Ron Ross


Can you tell me the website that has these programs for HP calculators?



Try and search for fractions. It will show a casio like fraction program for the HP48 that you can download. I think it is 2-3 k RAM in size so any 48 can use.

Good luck

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