Any new HP's in the making?


Does anyone know if HP is planning to replace the 48G/48GX with another calculator in the near future?


I own an HP 49G that is an 48 with a fast "OS"(MetaKernel) with 1.5MB flash rom and recently I read something about a HP machine called XPander that looks like a Palm with numeric keys.
I Think HP 48 will be used for a long time since it has an application background that no other machine has in subjects as structural, Surveying and etc.


Just an opinion:

The HP 48 and its siblings (as recent history shows) will not be manufactured just because they are useful or because there are applications available. Any product will be manufactured when and only when its manufacturer BELIEVES it will be profitable. And that means:

1) Sales volume

2) Profit margin (price versus direct and indirect costs)

3) Low cost of support and warranty services

4) Low stock of spare parts or units

5) No side effects on other products of the same brand (cannibalizing)

Regrettably, usefulness only has something to do with sales, and with these products, you may well buy just one unit once and use it for years.

Otherwise, the HP42S (even the HP11C, or HP41CX) would be in production today. On a usefulness and user demand view, obviously they should.

Again, this is just my opinion; and it is not something I am always happy with; but it seems to be the way things are nowadays.


You're right,my friend, you're right.
I forgot to mention about money and its effects.

Pio - Brasil


Do you mean HP will make useless machine that is cheap and need to be replaced from time to time, so that we won't buy a machine and use it for years?


NO, I mean HP will make models that they feel make sense in terms of market appeal, cost of production and support, regulations enforcement (UL, FCC, International standards), components availability and product line positioning. And our chances to influence their thinking are small.

If you scan the postings here, you will see the eternal prayer for a HP 42S replacament, which has not been heard
(at least yet).

Hence, I don't subscribe a view such as "some model will not be discontinued just because users like it". And persons who already are users don't buy new units each month...

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